Monthly car insurance for 1-8 months

This is very similar to a standard car insurance policy but with two important differences; one is that it can run for a maximum of eight months and the other is that you can cancel at the end of any month without penalty. You pay for it one month at a time and if it is not cancelled in any particular month it automatically re-news at the beginning of the next one. This means that you can use the policy for just for a single month if you wish, or you can allow it to run for as long as you need it, secure in the knowledge that when you no longer need it all you have to do follow the easy cancellation procedure.

The insurance policy is purchased online and it can either take effect immediately or at a slightly later date and time, which ever you wish. As with a standard yearly policy you will need to produce evidence of any no claims discount you are claiming, and provide your driving licence details.

You also have a choice of a different type of temporary car insurance policy running for between one and 28 days, with fewer formalities if this suits your requirements better.

Prefer cover between one and 28 days?

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